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Building my business based on self-actualisation this portfolio website gives an overview of my skills & activities |  Lawrence Kwakye 2023


Design: 2020-2023 Me-We-World platform, Webdesign, brainstorming tools design for Blockchain for Lean & Me-we-world

Design as a medium for interactions to crystalize changes

“Design can be a powerful medium for facilitating interactions and driving positive changes. A good design is not just aesthetically pleasing but also considers multiple perspectives and approaches to problem-solving. Given the complex challenges that our society faces today, such as sustainability, technology, economy, ecology, and social values, design can play a crucial role in promoting conversations between different interest groups in an open and accessible manner. By encouraging individuals to adopt diverse perspectives, design thinking and systems thinking can create greater awareness and generate innovative solutions.

Through my work on the Me-We-World platform, I have leveraged interactive tools and games to foster a form of Civilization design. These tools and games serve as an engaging and collaborative means of facilitating interactions between myself and the people I work with. Moreover, I have collaborated with Michiel Tesser from Blockchain for Lean to develop a program of workshops for 2023, which will be aimed at educators, sustainable businesses, and governmental organizations. By providing these groups with the necessary tools and knowledge, we hope to empower them to embrace more sustainable and innovative practices.”



Exploring Synergies: Design Thinking and Systems Thinking in Circular Solutions


Welcome to an exciting and transformative session that brings together two powerful problem-solving methodologies – Design Thinking and Systems Thinking – tailored for students of the Minor in Circularity. Over the next 150 minutes, we embark on a journey to unlock the potential of your creative minds and equip you with the tools needed to tackle complex, circular challenges.


In today’s world, addressing issues related to sustainability, resource management, and circularity demands a holistic understanding of both user-centric design and systemic impacts. Design Thinking, with its empathetic and human-centred approach, allows us to deeply connect with the needs of individuals and communities. On the other hand, Systems Thinking enables us to comprehend the intricate web of interdependencies, feedback loops, and unintended consequences that shape our complex world.


By combining these two approaches, we empower you to craft innovative solutions that not only resonate with end-users but also consider the broader context, ensuring sustainable and meaningful impact.


Throughout this session, you will:


  • Learn the key principles and methodologies of Design Thinking and Systems Thinking.
  • Engage in hands-on exercises and interactive activities that encourage creativity and systems analysis.
  • Collaborate with peers to tackle real-world circular challenges, applying the combined power of these methodologies.
  • Gain insights into how to approach complex problems from multiple angles and envision comprehensive solutions.


Our goal is to foster a mindset of creativity, empathy, and systemic awareness that will serve you well in your pursuit of circular solutions. So, let’s embark on this intellectual adventure, explore synergies, and equip ourselves to be change-makers in the circular economy of tomorrow.


Above is an example of a foldable A0 mapping set (5pc) I designed for the workshop System-Design-Thinking. The attendees follow an iteration process within 5 steps where they define and analyse a complex (wicked) problem and come up with solutions (FRAME, DEFINE, IDEATE, PROTOTYPE) Then the outcome is evaluated in the fifth step (TEST) After this the session starts all over again reframing an redefining the problem and evaluating the outcome again. The process can be repeated several times until the attendees are satisfied with the solutions. In the process, the attendees represent the problem stakeholders by empathizing with the stakeholders’ perspectives but in each session, there is one extra stakeholder which is the SYSTEM perspective that connects all stakeholders resulting in a holistic view with a shared reality.

Above is an example of a pilot session that was done with 25 students from the minor circularity of Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven in September 2023.

STEEP mapping set

This set of 50 cards together with a foldable A0 mapping circle is designed to map a use case that occurred during the early days of the Corona crisis when people started hoarding toilet paper because of a case of fear of missing out (FOMO). In this mapping workshop people frame this Toilet paper Bullrun event in 5 levels. From a social, technical, economic, environmental and political point of view. We connected these viewpoints to value, blockchain, Lean, scarcity and system thinking.

Lean Value mapping set

“I have created a Lean Value Mapping Set, specifically designed for Lean coaches. This tool combines various Lean principles and can be customized for mapping any case. As an example, we have used this tool to map the Maternity Care practice, incorporating all stakeholders in the process.

This mapping tool can serve as a valuable resource for Lean coaches seeking to optimize processes, eliminate waste, and improve overall value for stakeholders. By customizing this tool to specific cases, coaches can gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of a process, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies for implementing sustainable change.”

A fold-out of the A0 STEEP mapping set. A Social, Technical, economical, environmental and political perspective (STEEP). 

A fold-out of the A0 LEAN value mapping set. 

Design & concept: boardgames

Civilization Design through gamification

Gamification and serious gaming use game principles in a non-game context. Complex problems and challenges in daily life can be made transparent in this way because people can imitate situations from daily life. It has been shown that gamification increases people’s engagement because people are intrinsically motivated. A safe gaming environment where mistakes do not affect real life makes people less reluctant and allows people to experiment with different ways of thinking and strategies.

Below are 3 projects.





The board game the Me-We game was developed between 2017, after which several versions of the board game followed in the following years. During the game, the players experimented with building a community and their own values ​​model in combination with the principles of basic income.



Me-We game online version on MIRO whiteboard | 2021

Me-We game prototype 5 | 2019

Me-We game home session | 2019

 Me-We game prototype 4 | 2018

Me-We game prototype version 02 | 2017

UPD – Join the spark

Blockchain for Lean

In October 2021, a Lean systems thinking workshop was held during the UPD – Join the Spark* return days, in which waste in maternity care was made transparent through gamification. The participants then investigated how the chain process can be made more effective and efficient with blockchain technology.


Tr(e)economy game 2022

Introducing prototype levels 1&2

On June 16, 2022, a prototype of the Tr(e)economy game was played and tested by an audience at a Blockchain event at the beautiful event location Cupola XS in Haarlem. This game is being developed by a small team of 5 and inspires and challenges players to have a new understanding of value exchange and future Ecosystems. A game starting with Barter deals in a world without money inspired by an ancient civilization with RAI stones to our modern money-based world followed by a world with Decentralized Blockchain with Oracles and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous  Organisations) The game is in development and will be completed in 2023.

Design: Infographics

Visualising complexity

ArtMotivator has teamed up with Blockchain for LEAN to develop an informative series of infographics to help people understand blockchain technology. Because many organizations are now familiar with LEAN, it makes sense to combine this with systems thinking and Blockchain technology.
This mainly focuses on how process optimization can be achieved by means of blockchain technology. The infographics were created to be combined with a blog that appears monthly on the Blockchain for Lean website and on Linkedin.


website: Blockchain for Lean

Design: photo exhibition booth design 2018

Celebrating 10 years The Hague Africa festival

For the Foundation Sankofa ArtMotivator realised a photo exhibit (display) celebrating the anniversary of the festival. The exhibit was in the atrium of the Townhall in the Hague.



Hand-made-one-off or industrial-hand made

I started BLVW in 2022  a project in which art and design meet. My starting point in designing my lamps and wallpapers was to explore how the inner world relates to the outer world. This can be taken figuratively but also literally as with the design of the “Into the Woods” lamp where you get the feeling that you are walking in a forest when you look at it while sitting in your living room. This even works a bit meditative! That’s why I called BLVW artistic unique lamps with a meditative edge.


Imprint Clutch

Hand-made / glow in the dark

This handcrafted clutch is made of linen combined with coloured & glowing threads. The side of the clutch is made out of a very thin walnut laminate engraved with a pattern. At the moment there are no plans to continue this project but if someone is interested I am open to suggestions.

Art | Nothingness by Lawrence kwakye

For the latest art projects visit the website 

Art Project;

Between open borders & Isolation (BOB&I)

A project where visual art meets dance!

A co-creation with FDR dance company

 images on the right and above

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