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Lawrence Kwakye 2019

Art by Lawrence Kwakye

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Afterglow workshop

In een prettige ongedwongen sfeer werk je aan een artbag met jouw eigen creatie die transformeert in het donker. Dit doe je onder begeleiding van kunstenaar Lawrence Kwakye die je de grafische technieken ‘sjabloneren’ en ‘pointillisme’ leert. De combinatie van de iconische grafische technieken met de glow-in-the-dark verf zorgt uiteindelijk voor een Pop-Art achtige stijl met een verrassende GLOW. Het einde van de workshop kan natuurlijk niet zonder het vastleggen van het resultaat…in het donker. Turn the lights down!

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Painters table

Connecting people. With this special table people can experience interactive painting. The table is modular and can be placed almost everywhere. It can be hired and used for social interaction. The table has been used for small events like bachelor parties while making portraits of each other and work related events with colleges working on a joint work of art.

The ME_WE_game

Inspire people to adhere to the new existential concept of the Me-We-World through gamification. For more info visit:

Exhibiting 10 years The Hague African Festival

Co-Creating a small exhibition together with Stichting Topaze about the festival with the foto’s made by Anneke Ruys and the posters from the festival of the last 10 years.

Styling Art & Vintage Design

Exhibiting artworks with beautiful vintage design pieces is just great! For vintage design lovers visit the website below.

BOB & I | Between open Borders and Isolation UPDATE 2019

The try out of “Memory of Light” the first episode of Between open Borders and Isolation my co-creation with FDR dance Company. Thank you guys for the beautiful choreography! Also many thanks for the nice location at in Schiedam!

A Cube for the mind. Have your own BoB & I experience!

Bob & I | Between open borders and Isolation
As a human being you need your freedom ‘open borders’ But you also need ‘Isolation’ to see who you are and where you are going. Identity Is to be meaningful and startst with being recognized.
Bob & I In other words: “To live within restrictions and freedom”

A Cube for the mind.
As a designer and artist I created a portal between different worlds trough which people can move from one world to the other and can make transition happen. Movement makes the mind free and open to new ideas. I think we need living rooms for the mind because there is no room for the human mind anymore these days. By creating a cube for the mind I try to give humans space ‘to be’. The cube is a place where people can collect memories. It is a big photo booth. There is a landscape inside where your soul can be recognized. The landscape of Imprint. I want to invite people to enter the cube and have an experience of their own.

Lawrence Kwakye | 19.02.2019